About Us

Reel Talents T.O is an innovative approach to developing young talent through building, exposing and supporting our aspiring artists, while connecting them with a creative ecosystem of professionals. Professional Actress and Founder, Bridget Ogundipe, has been working with young people for years and her approach to developing talent is customized to the clients needs. The Reel Talents T.O program is designed to recognize, build and develop your unique talents. We are in the business of finding your truth and authenticity. Our students go through various levels of training, while having hands on experience, and exposure to top experts in the professional industry. Aspiring clients  will have access to current agents, casting directors, producers,  fellow actors and performers! At Reel Talents T.O, we believe that it is crucial for students to have experience developing their own work, and we provide those opportunities in our production classes. We will train and help you to create your own brand; therefore, giving you confidence and skills to succeed in the professional industry!



We build the confident artist and equip them with the tools necessary to walk into the audition room fully prepared to land the gig!